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Running in the cloud, BOLO’s Cloud Storage Gateway manages and protects all your data. Once shuffled, your protected data can be stored anywhere, locally or in cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iDrive, GDrive, etc. If hackers steal your credentials, the data they get is unusable. Game Over.


Running locally, BOLO protects your local data servers. Your local data is processed instantly and hackers cannot upload malicious code to transmit data to themselves. BOLO’s obfuscation technology allows hackers to walk away with your physical server – all they have stolen is useless random data.

Why Choose Us

BOLO’s Random Byte Shuffling (RBS)

BOLO’s Random Byte Shuffling (RBS)/Random Packet Scattering (RPS) technologies process any data set at the byte level, randomly transforming the byte distribution of the original data set. For example, BOLO’s RBS can transform the original byte distribution of a typical TC/IP packet payload of 1460 bytes into one of the 7.3 x 103987 possible shuffling states generated through “n!” (n factorial). By comparison, 256-bit AES encryption is limited to 1.15 x 1077 combinations.