BOLO Network, Inc., was founded in Palo Alto, California with a clear vision in mind and with a sole objective to make the data secure. BOLO’s products do just that.  BOLO’s multi-patented Random Byte Shuffling (RBS) and Random Packet Scattering (RPS) technologies support a set of products that protect data at rest and data in motion.

BOLO’s obfuscation algorithms are different from conventional encryption:


It works in real-time without substantial demands on processing and mathematical computation,

It offers a virtual infinite level of randomness that cannot be penetrated regardless of the computing power applied.

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Cloud Storage

Running in the cloud, BOLO’s Cloud Storage Services can utilize any type of data storage media, internal or external, to protect all of your data. Once shuffled, your protected data can be stored anywhere, locally or in cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iDrive, GDrive, etc. If Black Hats steal your credentials, the data they get is unusable. Game Over.

Local Storage

Running locally, BOLO protects your local data servers. Your local data is processed instantly and hackers cannot upload malicious code to transmit data to themselves. BOLO’s obfuscation technology allows hackers to walk away with your physical server – all they have stolen is useless random data.

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